Pure Garcinia Cambogia – 4 Good Reasons Choosing Your Supplement Carefully Will Benefit You More

Choose the supplement with pure Garcinia Cambogia (HCA). You will find several dietary supplements brands with HCA extract in the market.  Some brands contain pure extract while others do not.  Here are the good reasons you are better off choosing the former than the latter.


If the dietary supplement lists pure HCA extract as its main ingredient, and it comes from a trusted manufacturer, you can be certain that the extract is unadulterated.  This means that the HCA content has no fillers that can alter its potency, effectiveness, and safety in delivering results of weight loss.


One of the reasons both consumers and weight loss experts hail Garcinia extract as a super weight loss supplement is proof of results.  Among these are clinical studies confirming the substance as a dual fat- burner.  This means that:

  1. Natural Garcinia Cambogia extract can burn unnecessary fats in the body.
  2. It prevents fats from coming back by its ability to suppress the appetite.

You must note, however, that in clinical studies that test the effectiveness and safety of the ingredient, testers only used the pure extract of Garcinia.

Safe Results

Even Dr. Oz, the popular health and weight loss specialist, attests how HCA can be safe in burning fats in the body so long as it is pure and taken in its recommended dosage.

This does not apply to adulterated extract, as the fillers may contain substances toxic to the body.  This is more likely the reason some HCA supplements have side effects.


pure garcinia cambogiaYou will notice that dietary supplements listing HCA as its main ingredient flood the market.  It also appears that there is a sudden spike after Dr. Oz featured it in his highly rated television show.

Scammers and have taken advantage of this soaring popularity to come up with counterfeit or substandard products in the market.  At their best, these products are cheap.  At their worst, they may cause serious side effects.

Choose your HCA supplement carefully.  Make sure that you only limit your choice to pure Garcinia Cambogia extract.